Price Increases Hit Youth Sports Management Software Market

Within the Youth Sports Club Management software market, price increases from one particular provider are sending League Board Members and Club Directors racing for alternatives. As a result, SquadFusion has enjoyed a substantial increase in requests about our software's capabilities and prices. What happened behind the scenes to cause all of this frantic activity in the Youth Sports industry?

If you're not the customer, what are you?

Who hasn't enjoyed “free” services on the internet? Google, YouTube, and Facebook each have a billion users taking advantage of their “free” email, video, and social media services. The internet has hundreds of articles explaining those business models – that you’re not really the customer, you’re the product. It's common knowledge that Google, YouTube, and Facebook earn billions in advertising revenue by targeting you with deep knowledge about your demographics, behaviors, preferences, and intentions. Those revenues are paying for the "free" email, video, and social media services. Rather than "free," a more accurate term might be "subsidized."

There are other ulterior motives besides selling targeted advertising at you. Other business models subsidize the price of a system to allow a sister company, or parent company, to sell you other stuff – sporting uniforms, equipment, and supplies. Building targeted marketing databases can be an expensive and time-consuming task. One shortcut might be to buy a software company that sells to the exact target market that you want to reach providing immediate access to the contacts that you want to sell all of your sports-related items. What happens when the software division gets sold and the new corporate owner has a completely different business model that has zero interest in subsidizing the price? Price increases on aisle 8.

What if this new owner expects the Sports Club Management Software division to earn a profit without any advertising revenues or athletic apparel revenues? Without subsidies, will they need to implement price increases to make a profit? Will this new business model require several price increases over the next few years? Are you going to receive more product features for these higher prices? What about better customer service? All of these questions are the root cause of why Sports Clubs are scrambling for management software alternatives.

What if we can't afford price increases?

At SquadFusion, we've built a software business to help Sports Clubs and Leagues manage their registrations, online payments, and communications. Our business model is not some kind of trojan horse with hidden motives. SquadFusion doesn't sell your members' personal information through an advertising business model. We offer the industry’s best-in-class Sports League Management Software at a competitive price.

If your club has been frustrated by recent price increases and/or declining customer service with your Sports League Management software, we invite you to learn more about us at

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