Sports Team Management Software Flexible Reporting and Web League Manager

SquadFusion Web League Manager reports fit you precisely. It has the same level of ease and adaptation as registrations and payment options. Want to see how many left-handed 11-year olds registered in the last three days? How many used a specific discount code?


No sweat, you can create that report from scratch in less time than it will take you to read this page.


Web League Manager - Sports Team Management Software


Squadfusion Sports Team Management Software can create and save reports on the fly. Use standard data fields and your custom fields. Choose from participant fields, registration fields, payment fields, and general organization properties.


SquadFusion Sports League Software Filtered Reports

You can filter on just about anything with Squadfusion Sports League Software. This includes all the custom fields you add to your participant profiles. When you add a field to a profile, it’s automatically added to reports as well.


You can filter on more than just participant attributes. With SquadFusion reporting, you can filter on registration, payment, organization, and event properties. Filters build on each other so you can get just the data you want. You can name and easily retrieve frequently used filters to save time in the future.


Sports Team Management Software Report Templates

You can create different templates for report exports. If you are a spreadsheet expert, you may want “the kitchen sink” when you export. For the rest of us, it’s helpful to have a more tailored set of data to analyze. SquadFusion Sports Team Management Software gives power users tools to work their magic. But we don’t force you to be an expert for our software to help you.


SquadFusion reporting covers far more than generating actual reports. Our intuitive filters help you find specific people and transactions. Reports feed seamlessly into our communication system. Use reports and filters to get a set of people and send messages in bulk. You are no more keeping separate distribution lists which quickly become out of date!


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