SquadFusion Connects the Dots

All the tools you need to stay organized and out on the field


Collect payments and keep your data sound


Elevate your online brand


Set up events FAST and track registrations


Measure results for faster decision-making

Registration done in minutes

When it’s time to open next season’s registration, do you look forward to updating your website and forms? Do you also need to chase down payments? Does it take you days or weeks? With SquadFusion you can be done in minutes.

Did you know SquadFusion works on all the devices, including tablets and phones?

Create a registration form tailored to your needs in minutes. All the flexibility you need without the hassle.


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Integrated payments

SquadFusion integrates payments with registrations, so you can collect up front. No more chasing down late payments and having awkward conversations. No more dealing with bounced checks.

You’ll have your funds fast. After the first transfer is successful, funds are in your bank within 2 days.

SquadFusion gives you the ability to customize payment options. You can offer fees linked to choices provided members in the registration form. You can also offer installment plans, minimum deposits, and early bird pricing. A bonus feature is family discounts, vouchers, and more.


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Reporting that fits you

SquadFusion reports fit you precisely. We offer the same level of ease and adaptation as registrations and payment options. Want to see how many left-handed 11-year olds registered in the last 3 days and used a specific discount code? No sweat.



Whether you run a draft to create rosters or assign players based on other criteria, SquadFusion has you covered. We provide a snapshot of current player distribution across squads and smart tools for the remaining pool to be assigned.

SquadFusion’s smart rostering begins right at registration, where participants can be pre-sorted into different groups for easier roster assignment. Along the way, you can move players in bulk from group to group or directly to rosters.



When members find it hard to receive important information, or worse they don’t receive it, frustration skyrockets. SquadFusion helps you get that important information to your members without overwhelming you or them.

SquadFusion allows you to move your communication online, and out of email. Your members will thank you for stemming the flood to their inboxes and text messages.


Flexible scheduling with Team Management Software

Flexible scheduling allows you to create events how you want. Create a master schedule that gets pushed down to squads. Create schedules squad by squad and have events pushed up to the organization calendar. It’s up to you.

Central and distributed control. You determine who can add, edit, and view different types of events. You can limit game scheduling to central administrators but make them visible to everyone. You can have coaches schedule an ad hoc practice and make it visible only to that squad’s roster.


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