SquadFusionTeam Generator App Can Run a Draft as a Roster Maker

SquadFusion Team Generator App can run a draft to create rosters or assign players. It is so powerful that you can run a draft based on special criteria. We provide a snapshot of current player distribution across squads. We also offer smart tools to help assign the remaining player pool as a Roster Maker.


SquadFusion’s smart rostering begins right at registration. Participants can be pre-sorted into different groups for a more straightforward roster assignment. Along the way, you can move players in bulk from group to group or directly to rosters.


You decide who creates squads and who gets to put people on those squads. You can control all that yourself. You can let captains or coaches create their squads. You can let squad members assign themselves to teams.


You and your coaches no longer need to keep team email and group text lists! Instead, you send a message out to your roster, and we take care of figuring out whom all gets the message. It’s an always up to date list, automatically updated as people move on and off the roster.


You can stop people from creating new teams when the capacity of your facility has been reached. If you’d like, you can redirect them to a waitlist automatically.


Team Generator App - Roster Maker


With SquadFusion’s easy-to-use roster rules, you can automate roster creation. You can use your own custom fields as part of the rules. Of course, you can also  simply select multiple participants and move them.


With SquadFusion Team Management decide who sees rosters before you finalize them. When you do finalize, you can easily send notifications to each player and family on a roster. So easy to use this team generator app.



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