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When it’s time to open registration for the next season, do you eagerly look forward to updating your website and forms, not to mention chasing down payments? Does it take your admin staff days or weeks to manage registration?

With SquadFusion Sports Management Software you can create a registration form tailored to your needs in minutes.


sports registration software
All the flexibility you need without the hassle.


Registration is EASY with SquadFusion Online Sports Registration Software

Your members are doing more and more online. They expect to sign up and pay online. The good news is this makes your life easier, too! Say goodbye to mailed forms and transcribing to spreadsheets! No more bounced checks and late payments!

Customize everything: welcome message, registration options, fees, fields, payment plans, waivers, equipment and merchandise. Others claim they are flexible and easy, but creating a new registration can take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars. With SquadFusion Sports Registration Software, it’s done in minutes, and there’s never a fee to create a custom registration, whether you do it yourself or we do it for you.



sports management software
With Squadfusion Sports Registration Software, your fine-tuned registration forms are easy for you to create and even easier for members to fill out. The result? More accurate information and contact details. Your communication will reach members better, and they will have fewer questions and complaints.



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