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When it’s time for registration, do you look forward to updating your website and forms? Do you hate chasing down payments? Does it take your admin staff days or weeks to manage registration?


Our retirement community has over 100 members in the Bocce Club. Before SquadFusion, we spent the entire season chasing down payments from our members. It was uncomfortable to week after week confront friends for payment! Now we get our members to pay upfront at registration with SquadFusion. This has been a HUGE relief! Thanks!
.   .   .   .   .   .   David Cragg (Commissioner of Four Seasons Murrieta Bocce Club)


SquadFusion League Registration Software can create a registration form in minutes.

We keep your brand front and center. Your registration forms are integrated directly into your website. We include your logos, your pictures, your colors, your look-and-feel. We don’t force your members to go somewhere else when it’s time to sign up.


League Registration Software - Online Sports Registration
All the flexibility you need for sports registration software without the hassle.


Your returning customers will breeze through their registrations in minutes. We bring their latest information into the forms. All they need to do is ensure it’s still correct. They can register on their computers or their phones. We place no limits on the number of people you can register or the types of participants. Every kind of participant gets their own sets of fields and questions. You can create specialized forms for players, coaches, board members, teams and clubs.


Registration is EASY with SquadFusion Online Sports Registration Software

league registration softwareYour members are doing more and more online. They expect to sign up and pay online. The good news is this makes your life easier, too! Say goodbye to mailed forms and transcribing to spreadsheets! No more bounced checks and late payments!


SquadFusion Sports League Software places no limits on how many you can register. Each type of participant gets their own sets of fields and questions. You can create specialized forms for players, coaches, board members, teams or clubs.


Customize everything. Customize welcome message, registration options, fees, fields, payment plans, waivers, equipment, and merchandise. Others claim they are flexible and easy. Creating a new registration can take weeks and cost hundreds of dollars. With SquadFusion League Registration Software, it is done in minutes. There is never a fee to create a custom registration. It does not matter if you do it yourself or we do it for you.



sports registration software
With SquadFusion Online Sports Registration, your fine-tuned registration forms are easy for you to create. It is even easier for members to fill out. The result? More accurate information and contact details. Your communication will reach members better. They will have fewer questions and complaints.


SquadFusion Sports Registration Software / Online Sports Registration allows you to take your data with you. Every report can be exported to CSV and Excel.


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