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Get Organized Not Overwhelmed: How to Stay on Top of a Growing Club

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations, whether a youth sports club, adult league, or school club is maintaining a consistently up to date website. Members past, present, and future want a way to … Read More

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Moneyball to Motion Sensors: Data Revolution in Sports

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Professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL place sensors and receivers across their stadiums and player gear. Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, is often considered the founder of the athletic data revolution. … Read More

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Youth Football and the Fall of the NFL

The NFL has been considering ending Thursday Night Football. According to experts, the declining rate of youth football does not bode well for the continuation of football. Research has also shown that the younger generation has turned away from … Read More

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Who’s on First?: High-Tech Sports Communication

Group texting, Facebook messaging, and mass emailing has led to mass confusion for coaches, parents, and players. Coordinating a game, practice, or potluck requires communication with potentially unresponsive administrators, volunteers, and families. … Read More

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How to Start a Sports Organization: Resources and Budget

Community Resources

Parks and recreation departments often have lists of local, state-wide, and national leagues for both youth and amateur sports.

If the information you need to make a proposal for your sports organization is not readily accessible, … Read More

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Transmission Impossible: Why Youth Sports are Leaving E-Mail Behind

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Members of the Orioles, the Little League team in Clinton Township, Mich., watch a baseball game from behind their home outfield in April. Credit: Brittany Greeson for The New York Times

The decline of participation in youth sports has been well-documented by various news outlets.  … Read More

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The Changing Landscape of Youth Sports: A Reader’s Guide

With stringent rules and financial checks in place, the Clinton Valley Little League can now afford full baseball uniforms for its players. CreditBrittany Greeson for The New York Times.
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The Future of Sports Streaming

“Do I stay up until midnight to see how they did and avoid all social media, or watch it live? The answer was to watch it live and celebrate with the rest of the country,” one Olympics watcher told … Read More

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The Sport of War: How the Underdog Wins

From basketball’s 3-point shot to football’s “Hail Mary”, underdogs win by taking unexpected risks. The ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu, who led a small army to great victory, predicted as much in his 2,500 year-old strategy guide The Art of War.

Attack where he is unprepared, appear where you are least expected. Thus you may see than in war, surprise is the key to victory.

Sun Tzu
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Stay at 17 inches

This post is from Baseball Life. It’s a great read about keeping our squads, and more importantly, ourselves accountable. The original post is here.

In Nashville, Tennessee, during the first week of January, 1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches descended … Read More

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