The Long-Term Impacts of Youth Sports Participation

The Long-Term Impacts of Youth Sports Participation

Type caption (optional) Image source linked here. In the current climate of school, tests, and college prep, youth sports amongst other activities have taken a back seat. Youth sports are seen as a distraction to the educational grind in some … Continue Reading

Sportsmanship’s Different Forms

During the US Open, ESPN did and interview with Roger Federer, after a match he won. The interviewer, John McEnroe, observed that Federer, when the result seemed inevitable, began playing a bit differently. He pointed out that Federer was experimenting … Continue Reading

A Quick Look at Technology, Sports, and Progress

We now do some amazing things with technology the size of the top of a pin. In sports commentary, a big topic is the impact of technology on sports. In many sports, one discussion is how reviews cause long delays, … Continue Reading

Fast Food and Youth Sports

Over the past few decades, a defining aspect of American culture has risen and impacted the country in negative ways: fast food culture. The convenience, speed, and time-saving values of the fast food industry and especially the drive-through have been … Continue Reading

Sports and the Need for Organization

If we needed to use a few words to describe the 21st century, some words that come to mind are efficiency, convenience, and speed. Basically, accomplishing tasks properly with the least number of steps. Faster cars, more fuel-efficient cars, faster, … Continue Reading